We organize events, provide academic resources, and help Digital Media students get to know one another.


Looking for some help with your course work? We can match you up one-on-one with upper years, or set up a time and place to form a study group with peers.

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Our weekly meetings are open to all students within Digital Media! Come by and add your perspective to the conversation! Join our team – all students are welcome (especially first years)!



We’ve curated a few essential Digital Media related resources including maps, links and tips to help with life as a Digital Media student.



Interested in learning a new skill? We host various beginner workshops that may include photoshop, photography, web development and portfolio creation. From newbies to experts, everyone is welcome!


Who and what the heck is the DMSA?
We offer academic and social support for Digital Media students!

The Digital Media Students Association (DMSA) is a group of students who offer academic, social, and career support to students within and beyond York University's Digital Media program. We act as liaisons between Digital Media faculty, staff, and students, and we promote Digital Media on- and off-campus.

The DMSA is organized by a Council of students, consisting of elected executives and representatives, appointed ex-officio members, and active general members. Everyone is welcome!

Digital Media is an undergraduate program jointly run by AMPD and the Lassonde School of Engineering. With a unique blend of art and computer science, the program is structured around the making of Computational Art.


Get to know your lovely council, and possibly join our team!

Derek Martin

Hey, I’m Derek! I’m usually surfing the web while listening to some good tunes, or making my way through Reddit’s Top 250 movie list. I’m your guy if you need anything design related, or if you have any questions about DM, shoot my an email!

Fayaz Malik

Well met! I am Fayaz Malik. Novice fencer, intermediate guitarist, and expert eccentric. I enjoy iced tea and using big words even when they don’t photosynthesis with the sentence. If you ever want to lend a hand, I might treat you to iced tea.

Suhail Othman

Director of Events | Treasurer
Oi! I’m Suhail Othman, and I’m always in the mood for a good pun, despite my inability to make one. I’m also Director of Events and Treasurer for DMSA, meaning my team and I will be making sure all DM events exceed your expectations and then some. Questions? Concerns? Lunch? Get in touch!

Erik Fernandez

Director of Public Relations | CASA Rep
Howdy, I’m Erik. I am a third year in the Digital Media Arts stream and in charge of the council’s social media accounts. Attending classes enriches my academic experience, and being part of the DMSA, among other extracurricular activities, enriches my social experience.

Nishma Nepal


Aubrey Garcia

Education Team
Kamusta! I’m Aubrey and I’m a concept art and animation enthusiast, eager food adventurer and the unofficial ‘mom friend’. I’ve got a few years of university experience under my belt and I’m happy to share and help out as much as possible.

Ryan Lee

Education Team
Hi I’m Ryan. I play Dota 2 and sit I at my computer all day. I’m also good with coding and stuff so ask me for help through email or discord. I also like riding bikes.

Basma Salem

Education Team
Hey there, my name is Basma and a fun fact about me is that my name means a smile in Arabic! I am always around campus and would love to help out whenever I can. Hope to see you around!

Amir Rostami

Events Team